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Front-end developer based in Kennesaw, GA, USA

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Featured projects completed throughout my SheCodes Workshops journey

React Dictionary Project Preview

React Dictionary Project

SheCodes React Project Instructions: Build a dictionary app with a search engine with API integration. The page should include: a fully funtioning dictionary search that returns phonetics, synonyms, definitions, examples, and images. I took this to the next level by adding on-screen audio integration and a unique design.

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React Weather Project

SheCodes React Project Instructions: Build a weather app with a search engine with API integration - current time, temperature, wind speed, weather description, and weather icon are mandatory. All data should be current pulled from the API. Click below to see how I went above and beyond on this project by adding a unit conversion, geo-location and responsive techniques.

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React Weather App Project Preview
Adopt-a-Pet Project Preview

Adopt-a-Pet Project

SheCodes Basics Project Instructions: Create a landing page from scratch about something you’re passionate about. The page should include: HTML (h1, h2, p, div, span, strong, em, br, hr, a, img, & button), CSS (margin, padding, font-size, font-weight, color, background (with linear-gradient), line-height, box-shadow, border, & transition), & JavaScript (let, if, else, alert, prompt, event). Added Responsive techniques once I graduated SheCodes Responsive.

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