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Tammy Knight

Front-end Developer, based in Kennesaw, GA, USA

I wanted to follow my knack for User Experience and learn how to code so I could gain knowledge around building solutions for my ideas. SheCodes is an excellent program. The workshops took me from knowing absolutely nothing about coding or even where to begin, to seeing my code come to life and being confident in what I have learned. Concepts were fully explained, and tech staff was helpful in explaining roadblocks to assist with lessons, homework, and projects when needed. I was challenged with real-life exercises and achieved well deserved certifications. Thank you Matt Delac and SheCodes staff.

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Tammy Knight

Hello, and welcome! My name is Tammy Knight. I'm an User Experience oriented developer with an interest in humane development. I have always been an ideas person, and learning the skills to make them come to life is rewarding and fulfilling. I have a passion for User Accepted Testing, and coding allows me further knowledge for what is possible to make the User Experience, not just good, but great.

Beyond programming, my interests include spending time with friends & family, music, painting, literature, martial arts, fitness, walking/hiking, travel, playing board games, film & television, learning, self-development and of couse, my loving puppers, Lexi!

"Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life." - Omar Khayyam

Professionally, throughout my tenure with Verizon, I managed multiple projects and always strived to make suggestions and develop processes to better my team and our systems for our users. I partnered with multiple IT departments on a regular basis to design and structure changes that were needed.

As an End User Support Executive Admin, I was tasked with managing the testing of our department's projects and deployments due to my capabilities and passion for User Accepted Testing. During our transition to Concur for Travel and Expense, I was placed on the testing team last minute due to my expressed curiosity. I was recognized for providing more testing results and feedback in just one week than anyone put together the entire pilot, and for finds that saved Verizon a considerable amount of capital.