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React Dictionary Project

Built with HTML, CSS and React

React Dictionary App Project Preview

SheCodes React taught me how to utilize components in a variety of ways with API integration. I had a lot of fun with this project from using my creative side to being challenged with researching to add techniques not discussed in class. I just adore my React Dictionary App as I worked hard to display all components as I conceptionalized while drawing up my Wireframe.

React Weather Project

Built with HTML, CSS and React

React Weather App Project Preview

I learned many conventions through SheCodes React like using hooks to display information the way I wanted while accurately responding to clicks and user changes. React is a powerful tool that I have enjoyed learning. I am proud of the React version of my Weather App as I went above and beyond to learn global useStates for Fahrenheit/Celsius conversions, adding an hourly forecast, and formatting a geo-location button.

Weather Project

Built with HTML, CSS & JavaScript

Weather Project Preview

SheCodes Plus expanded my HTML, CSS and JavaScript knowledge. The instructor advised that we remove the Fahrenheit to Celsius conversion as we would add this during the React workshop. However, I wanted to challenge myself to work the solution. I was able to perform the conversion on the current and 5-day forecast while changing the time from standard to military. I also added an hourly forecast, which was not a task taught in the course.

Portfolio Project

Built with advanced HTML & CSS

Portfolio Project Preview

SheCodes Responsive taught me advanced HTML and CSS in order to create and personalize a professional portfolio to spotlight the education I received through the SheCodes program. I was able to build the site and figure out what changes I wanted and had a blast making them work and making the site responsive.

Adopt-a-Pet Project

Built with basic HTML, CSS & JavaScript

Adopt-a-Pet Project Preview

My first coding project after completing SheCodes Basics lessons and challenges was extremely rewarding. I went from knowing absolutely zero about coding to building a page. I saw my ideas and creativity come to life by my own knowledge and coding. I felt great pride in the final outcome.